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               The thing is..........
I've owned this site "" for YEARS
...aimed at casting directors ... regarding acting / narrating / broadcasting / seminars / public speaking / speech coaching ...
So I've jammed it with ??? 
                          BRAGGING-on-STEROIDS to impress casting directors.  
However, since "getting off the bus" in L.A. years ago, 
there are now better places on line for this.  
 ...places to grovel 
 kiss up           
        offer casting directors the 
--------------->   G O L D E N  opporTUNITY !!?? <------     to cast me.
"It's a new day" for casting  
I've another new interest -- LegalShield -- for actors, for me, for everybody.  
Either topic ????    Thank you for your interest.  
In the best sense of the show biz wish "Break a Leg !!"  
And if you're sued 'cause you / your car / your dog / your gun broke someone ELSE's leg ......... read the LegalShield parts, below.                    
"" has been on headshots & business cards for a BILLION years.
Now better places for my credits / videos / headshots:
   ActorsAccess    (Active 2003 thru present)
   Facebook         "Page for Casting Directors" 
   YouTube          I've been on-camera actor &/or voice for... 
      The Professional Golfers Association national TV advertising campaign. 
      Trojans' "Buttering the Muffins" national TV campaign. 
      MTV's "GeekRay..." Host of dry comedy TV infomercials.
      California Governor's political campaign advertising.
      Budweiser, Swiss Air, Gallo wines...and more
         (Inumerable commercials in broadcasting career through college, grad' school, in war & peace, on 
             Armed Forces Radio & Television Network, major market broadcasting, FCC, UPI, USN...)
      LACasting, Backstage, Casting Frontier...
SAG AFTRA Member:      2000s-current, Los Angeles. 1975- Boston.  Equity-E.
LEGAL REPRESENTATION:  Entertainment law issues... 
                       handled via LegalShield. 
                           Hollywood:    Parker Stanbury LLC, L.A.
                           New York:     Feldman, Kramer & Monaco LLC
                           Boston:       Friedman, Framme & Thrust, LLC
For us actors / writers...
LegalShield's relationship is not a "retainer" per se- of one attorney
FAQs are on THESE LINKS:  
1. Find the LegalShield LAW FIRMS in YOUR STATE (or Canadian province) where 
--You are working ON SET ?
--For ALL CONTRACTs ("show biz" or others)  
     Southern California uses the law firm of Parker Standbury LLC, Los Angeles.
2.  FAQs and to sign up, month-at-a-time (no contracts):  

LegalShield has been terrific for me--currently.  Plus it's insurance for future unknown's.  
Examples:  signing with actor's agent / manager / writer's agent / literary property / confidentiality agreements / "cease and desist" re artwork use / CONTRACTS of many kinds--actor or not.  
LegalShield includes: 
     --Reviewing up to 15-pages of a contract
     --By appropriately-SPECIALIZED lawyers 
     --Under applicable STATE's laws.
     --Consultation with attornies
     --Letters sent &/or 
     --Phone calls made by attornies 
     --For $1 / day (month at a time; no long contracts.)
Specialties:  Voice / On- & off-camera narration / hosting / improv'd & scripted.  
         "Chris has the best voice in the world."
             --The late Sam Christensen, M*A*S*H Casting Director, my acting teacher.
Travel Availability: Lived & worked overseas, under standard & diplomatic passports, in war & peace, at sea & ashore.  Passport is current.
B.A., Speech and Drama Dept., Music minor 
     University of New Hampshire
M.Ed. candidate, 2 years:  instructional design, corporate adult training, video production, statistics, writing, group psych. 
     University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Education
My retirement is dandy.  
So why LegalShield now?            Gratefully, LUCKILY "it's not 'the money'" (believe it or not)
It IS:       Altruism.           (Believe it or not.)  
Because:  I've USED LegalShield 
     For PRESENT legal situations  +  
     FUTURE ones (as insurance) 
     If I had HAD LegalShield in past--it'd have saved TONs of time, stress, money.  Examples:  
-- When I had to "make a federal case" of a wrongful termination--
for which I WAS made a settlement offer BUT AFTER time/stress/money spent.  
-- Theft of priceless irreplaceable family hierloom (being slandered in the process).  
-- A budding, hot-ticket young entrepreneur, I became ?? "The President of my own corporation."  .........Yeah but MUCH more expensively and LESS effectively than necessary--
spending time/stress/money doing what today's "LLC" does 
via LegalShield for a $1/day.
--Or...upon death of relative in another state, those sad duties could have been lessened 
by an attorney's attention to a power of attorney--which was USELESS because it had original signatures but ??  1 fewer than that state required).
--Affordable access to SPECIALIZED lawyer(s) IF, WHEN, WHERE needed.
What's this about my "Altruism"  ??:  
LegalShield is good for anyone who can't comfortably afford $200-$300 / hour for lawyers.
But--it's especially--maybe life-changing--terrific
    ...for us who can't afford lawyers    (comfortably / uncomfortably)  
      if things 
            "get serious"       get expensive-as-all-hell in legal situations such as ?:  
    Your car / truck / golf cart / your gun / biting dog causing death or injury. 
          Such as when someone says "you'll hear from MY lawyer..."  because of your actions / your kids' / your spouse or significant other. 
Other examples: 
You just want to ask a few questions about........ 
Your car insurance--costing more "points" after an accident? 
Your will.
Your property line?
Your gun?  
Your dog biting someone?
Parking ticket?
Contracts for leasing solar power systems?
Repair deals gone wrong?
Your noisy neighbor?
Uncontested divorce?
Your powerS of attorney     (Two kinds--the financial or medical care called a "health care directive"--
BOTH kinds of powers of attorney plus your WILL are included (for you plus spouse or significant other).

Soooooo     let's imagine ............. WITHOUT LegalShield, 
         what'd we do ....... ?  ?  ?????      
Ask the brother-in-law who watched a lot of "Law and Order" and "COULD HAVE" gone to law school if only.............. ?  
We'd GO ONLINE ??  Probably WHILE  STRESSing under THREATs and worries of being sued...   
We'd HOPE:  that we'd find the RIGHT attorney 
                In the right SPECIALTY 
                Covering the applicable STATE or Canadian province 
...costing $200 - $300+ hour.
........... go downtown? / park? / up to 15th floor? / "by appointment" ... 

------->   Chris' "Deeeeeeeeeep Thoughts" <---------
Topic:  "THINGS     GUARANTEED    in  LIFE !???"  
DEATH.      TAXES.        Lawyers--EXPENSIVE.      Lawyers--SPECIALIZE.       STATE laws differ.
In my life, why LegalShield?  
After some nifty careers--television advertising (a real "Mad Man" in my Madison Avenue office) - broadcasting--on-air news, sports, sales manager
2 wars overseas in 26 years navy (active + reserve) as a 
"mustang officer" (promoted "up through the ranks" from navy Journalist Petty Officer toward commander)  ?
Because:  At age "70-something".....    I reviewed my life's "legal situations."  
Not law "suits" necessarily ('never sued)  
Situations (people average 4-6 / year) where it would have saved money / stress / time    IF    I had had...
AFFORDABLE access ($1 / day, month at a time--no contracts) 
appropriately LOCATED lawyers (CA - Missouri - Boston - NH - NY), 
     --in SPECIALTIES affecting me--theft / slander / entertainment law / literary property / real estate / family law / estate planning / elder law...
     --to have LETTER(s) written  & / or 
    --PHONE CALL(s) made 
      --BY AN ATTORNEY on my behalf.
(Included in "Family Membership." $30 / month).

Consultation with an attorney, on phone, M-F--within 8 hours. 
2 to 4 hours in my experience from when LegalShield APP is clicked. 
Or at my requested time Monday-Friday.
Legal emergencies (example--young driver, distant city, in accident)--any time.  
More Chris' personal examples:  
--On my actor-related headshots / resumes / correspondence...I include:
        "Agent:"                --------  
        "Manager:"              --------  
----->  "Legal Representation:" Handled via LegalShield
--"In Hollywood": 
The law firm of Parker Stanbury LLC, Los Angeles 
--"In New York City":  
The law firm of Feldman, Kramer & Monaco LLC, NY, NY 
Also, examples:
Friedman, Framme and Thrust, LLC, Boston
Dubail Judge, LLC, St. Louis
YOUR location--the law firms that'd represent YOU and FAQ's can be looked up on these links:
2. Find LegalShield LAW FIRMS in the STATES (or Canada) 
...where YOU live / 
...where you are acting on set / 
...where you might be injured as a crew on a set / 
...where you're optioning your script or artwork, etc.
          By the way........     You might ask .................  
#1. Why is wife's name on link? 
Wife Patricia Magoffin--has been a LegalShield rep' for 
24 years.
(Company was founded 50 years ago as "PrePaid Legal.") 

24 weeks. 

She--   Has her specialty interests. 
          Fellow VETERANS or ENTREPRENEURs like me who're 
            incorporating / LLC-ing / STARTING BUSINESSES.

You can handle signing up, etc., etc. everything online.  No need to have us involved unless you want.  
More personal examples:  
--Warranties, guarantees  
I'm not a lawyer so I've never knowledgeably read them:     
    Buying or leasing CARS, HOUSES, service contracts...
--Traffic tickets / moving violations / insurance "points" / rate increases
     (My $350 Beverly Hills parking ticket--FORGIVEN.)
--Going to war (Vietnam + Desert Storm)--"putting one's affairs in order."
--A Will + Power of Attorney (financial  & / or  "health directive"...) 
My will was done in the Pentagon by navy lawyers.  I was sent to a couple wars overseas.  
However, we LegalShield members get UPDATES--or a complete NEW WILL--FROM SCRATCH 
For member + spouse or significant other.
Power(s) of Attorney...
My out-of-state relative's POA was useless, it turned out 
(adding to already sad stress when I travelled across the USA) because ?? 
the 2, original signatures were in a state that required 3 (New Hampshire). 
--2 marriages.  
--1 divorce (included in LegalShield coverage if no-fault and <$100,000 assets.)
--Incorporating (my businesses).
--Collecting MONEY (owed in my businesses).
--Making "a federal case" of a government agency employment dispute.
--Being a notary.
--Theft of my priceless, irreplaceable family heirloom &, I allege, being slandered in that process. 
Maybe not for you now.  'appreciate referrals--family or friends or
     --Business owners wanting LLC status / Entrepreneurs 
     --EmployERS offering EMPLOYEE BENEFITS (like health & life insurance); LegalShield can be a "voluntary" employee benefit (meaning NO COST TO EMPLOYER and reduced cost to employees). 
LegalShield helps situations which drain employees' focus / time / peace of mind / money.  
     --DRIVERS (teenagers / Uber / Lyft / delivery / 18 wheelers)
     --PARENTS of teenage drivers or
     --Children / grandchildren going away to school (especially out of state)
     --Gun owners
     --Dog owners
     --Public servants / administrative-reviewed nurses / firemen / police / teachers
Specialized supplements available = "Business Launch" 
                                         "Commercial Drivers" 
                                         "Gun Owners" 

(01) 310 570-0021 

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