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My goals are best served elsewhere now--other than
Such as:
"Goal," you ask ?? Goals to promote myself via wild-eyed egomania / via blatant self-aggrandizement / "creative writing" (read: "bald-faced lies") crafted around that Facebook meme "May your life be [even a fraction] as terrific
as you [strain, grope, grimace and grovel to]
try to leave the impression on Facebook"
Actor - Narrator - Host - Broadcaster - Public Speaking Coach - Guest Speaker - Seminar Leader

(Also note one address doesn't work at all--""--
a domain name we long owned but which is now in contention.)
If we met briefly, probably just "" was fastest to remember--
so here we are.
FACEBOOK: TAB on upper LEFT gets you to "Photos-Albums-For Casting Directors."

IMDB:  Likewise, I've long been online on the other "usual suspects"--CAZT, NowCasting, etc.
ACTORS ACCESS:  the TAB sometimes works--more often if you're a member.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FACEBOOK's ubiquity allows greater self delusion AND self aggrandisement re:
(1.) CREDITS (outlandishly overblown distortions) +
(2.) REELS & PHOTOS ....... PHOTOS !!!? (THOSE are heavily EDITED--me, trying to look:
closer to George Clooney,
less like the shot on my driver's license or
DEFINITELY less like that famous one of Nick Nolte
(often mis-labeled a Malibu Police Dept. "mug shot"--not so says my neighbor; it was allowed to be taken--as a kind gesture BY Nick--to a tourist at our police station here in Malibu).

Likewise... rather than "" there has emerged:
ExploreTalent, etc.--
on which I've long exaggerated about myself, stretching truth for YEARS--
Facebook is better currently for laying it on thick abo
ut my:  
Acting.  ... in NY, NY  -  LA  -  Boston  -  Rancho Cucamonga
     ................Okay--never worked a Rancho Cucamonga room--it's just a funny California name.
But HAVE worked in 6 West African countries (on land and shipboard), NY, LA, Boston, Denver, DC, etc.--in fields including: 




 Public Speaking.

 Film Industry Technical Advising.

 Speech Coaching.

 Speech Writing.

Media Relations / Public Information Officer / Advertising / Public Relations--
Internationally in war & peace, at sea & ashore (Vietnam, Desert Storm before, during & after combat).
YouTube gives some "quick takes" of my voice-over styles--the national commercials series "The Girls of SPIKE TV 'Guide to Romance'" (TV advertisements, Trojans, on-air / online).

 The "REVIEWs !!?!!!": 
"'ll 'need a cigarette' after hearing Chris' SEXY voice on these commercials."

.......................okay......I made that up; 
it was creative genius Director Matt Klauschie of SPIKETV / MTV + the talented actresses who made those Trojans commercials SIZZLE--"Buttering the 'Muffins'" etc. 
(Also--thanks to other people--it is true:   An LA acting teacher of mine, the late Sam Christensen (M*A*S*H casting director, The Sam Christensen Process founder) arrived at my essences including "Let me soothe you."  "Pleasure Giver." 
And--my favorite 'cause it originated from a gorgeous talented classmate babe--"Old leather, rich cashmere and the smell of coffee.") has qualifications re: film industry technical adviser.
Subject matter expertise includes:  my work with war correspondents--as a reserve public affairs officer, navy specifically, military generally /
United Press International /
Federal Communications Commission Agent,
seminar speaker-leader-writer, public speaking, broadcast advertising, marketing, public relations.

Also, I ........uh........ solved world hunger, achieved global peace & am The Universe's gift to women & even my witty wife agrees to that under some circumstances bless her heart...but I digress.

.........(uncomfortable pause)...................
"Comedy is difficult..."  and we actors-writers ...... legendary..........chisled and BUFF by the way......oooooooh yeah..........we got 'o believe in ourselves.
'Good dancers too.


Soooo, if you please, your fast-typing, with-too-much-time-on-his-hands (obviously) correspondent here suggests you turn to...

Facebook regarding ... reels + photos + videos. or ... film credits + photos + resume + reels.

YouTube ... on- & off-camera work. Example: Search Christopher Haskell.

LinkedIn (public speaking, seminars, sales manager training, film technical advising, public relations, andragogic projects).
(Past / present presence, too, on the following:)  
LACasting ... voiceover samples. ... raw videos of auditions. ... same.

Twitter:  @ChrisHaskellSAG.   Skype:   CHCHCHCHCHCHCHCHCH9

In a career beginning when I was a high school kid, I have broadcast 1000s / innumerable commercials--live, recorded, improv'd, scripted, comic and serious); also: newscasts, sportscasts, hostings.

100s of hours on the nationwide public speaking / seminar touring circuit--led by me, to audiences: corporate, public, private, government--under licensees including:  Fred Pryor Seminars (world's largest seminar company) / CareerTrack Seminars / The Achievement Center / Howard Shenson.  Seminar topics included:  "How to Market Yourself," "Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking," "Business English."

Affiliated Organizations Included:  The Speech Improvement Company, Beacon Street, Boston + NY City;
The Learning Annex, NY City; Dept. of Defense; U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD.


More details--available upon establishment of mutual interest and/or confidentiality agreements.
Malibu.  SAG AFTRA Member.  AEAE.  01 (310) 570 - 0021.  

Thanks for your interest.  "Break a leg" with your project.


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